Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fuck the Boot 5k

Five months injured.

Three runs in that time.  One because I needed to see if I was still injured.  I was.  Another because I just had to.  It was extremely painful.  Another, because the doctor ordered.  It wasn't healed yet.

So, today.  The day I've been looking forward to since I got booted 2 months ago.  The day my doctor told me to take the leg out for a test drive.

I got up early and took a walk around the block.  It was cold out in Chicago. Really cold actually.  I was thrilled.  I was feeling okay.  Well, other than feeling the 3 glasses of glug and 3 glasses of wine I downed last night.  Other than that, I was good.  I was excited.  I was ready.

My running partner on this run, however, was not.  She fell back asleep as I was stretching out.  I could not wake Lee up.  She needed the sleep.  We stayed up pretty late last night.  Lee is just another one of my amazing friends that I don't know how I got so very lucky to find.  We went to graduate school together, somehow lost touch for 15 years and thankfully reconnected a few years ago.  She's a great friend.   We just get each other.  We can talk for hours about life. Our life.  What was.  What is to be.  We did last night.   She always has wise words for me.  I listen. I appreciate.  I am thankful.  For her.

Honestly, when it comes to friends, I really believe I won the friendship lottery.  I believe I have the most amazing friends ever.  Such giving, kind, thoughtful, and loving people.  I'm so damn lucky. For real.

I couldn't wake Lee.  I let her sleep.  While I lounged on the floor, fully dressed to run, I chatted with another dear friend on Twitter. Again, about life.

It started to snow.  Nice puffy snowflakes.  Ahhh, the running Gods were smiling down upon me.  Inviting me.  To run. I could barely contain myself.

We had planned to head out on our run at 9 am. Just before 11 am, Lee woke up.  Screaming.  For me.  She freaked that I had gone running without her.  I did not.  I would not.  We laughed.  Then we got ready to get our run on.

I was debating between shorts and tights.  It was cold.  15F or colder with windchill at about 1F.  I wanted to wear shorts.  But, I kept questioning myself.   Silly me.  I finally put them on and we headed out the door.

It was cold.  Really cold.  I was happy.  Really happy.

Lee was so cold she started on her run without me.  I said I would catch up.  I was still gathering myself together.

Was I ready?  For this?  


Just as I was about to press start on my Garmin, up comes Claire and a friend.  Are you friggin' kidding me?  Seriously? Super awesome Claire was 14 miles into her 18 mile NOLA Marathon training run.  We did a few Wheeeeeee!!!!!!'s Jumped around a little.  Talk about  fate .  Wow, it was meant to be for Claire to be the  starting gun for my run.  She gave me oooodles of energy to head out and kill this thing.

I started my run.  I felt good.  My UBHA (Under Bitch Hammie Ass - sciatic crap) hurt.  A lot.  Two weeks ago I tweaked it.  It's been bad since.  But, I could push through it.  The shin felt, well, okay.  Last time I ran over two months ago I had lots of shin pain.  Still.  I didn't feel anything really today.  Maybe just some weakness. In my entire leg.  But, no shin pain.  

I ran south on the lakefront path towards downtown Chicago.  It was beautiful.  The sun was shining through the clouds as if shining on the city.  And, me. 

I went to the half way point.  I waited for Lee.  We chatted for a minute or two, a "run mutthafuckers!" cheer, high five, and we were off back towards the finish.  I was still feeling good.  Actually, pretty darn good.  While I was still going slow and steady.  I did pick up the pace just a wee bit.  But, not too much.  I knew better.  Kind of.  I hit 3.1 and went just a little further.  Just because.  I really felt like I could have gone five miles.  Easily.  But, I knew better.  Kind of.

It was a great run.  It felt awesome.  To be running again.  I think I had a huge smile on my face the entire time.  Of course it also could have been all the runners passing by me who were giggling at me or telling me that I was insane for running in shorts.  Nope.  Not insane.  Just an idiot. 

I felt free again.  

2012 has been a bit shaky to start.  

Today I begin it again.  

Happy New Year to me. 

Fuck yeah. 

We get up early just to start cranking the generator
Our limbs have been asleep we need to get the blood back in 'em
We're finding every day several ways that we could be friends


  1. Alright Andrea!!! I'm so happy that your run went well!!! Very Exciting!!!! I thought Fuck the Boot was tomorrow?! I did run today but I didn't have my crew out at the finish...can we still do it tomorrow?!! Either way congrats on your run!!!

  2. You can do it anytime. It goes until January 20th. Thanks so much Julie! It was fun!

  3. You know I loved to read this dear friend! Hope the leg is refreshed today and ready for some more!

    1. Thank you so much, Becky! I can't wait for BOTH of us to be ready.

  4. Congrats....this is just freakin' awesome.

  5. Thanks Michelle! I appreciate that.