Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Running Questions

My friend (and the only boy who willingly chases me, albeit only in the water) Jeremy tagged me in this to answer the following questions.  So, here goes:

1. Best Run Ever

There are a few I can think of. But, the one I'll go with happened in January 2011.  Yes, I remember.  Daily Mile also helps me remember dates when I look up my logged runs.  I was planning on doing my running path, out in a prairie where I had be trying  to get my run on.  It's a 5.5 mile loop.  It took me awhile to run this entire thing without stopping.  Without walking.   I had not done it in awhile after the cold and snow kicked in.  I was trying to get this in for the first time in awhile. Start to finish.  No walking.  Run the hills.

It was a crisp cold winter day.  I texted my college roommate who lives 15 minutes away, and who also just recently started running.    I asked her if she was going out for a run.  She said she had just gotten her hair done, so no.  She was being snarky.  I gave her a hard time.  She said, "Meh, I'll just double whatever you do today tomorrow."  We giggled.

But, funny thing happened.  I felt great. I felt strong.  Fierce.  I ran my loop. The ENTIRE loop.  And, for some reason I did NOT go back to my car.  I kept going.  On another loop.  I always like a challenge.  Hee, hee. hee.  Really, Lisa, DOUBLE what I do today?  Huh.  Well, 11 miles baby!  I ran 11 miles.  Smoke on that Lisa. 

You have to understand, I had only done an 11 mile run twice before.  In my first and second half marathons.  Due to injuries I had never done an 11 mile  training run.  Ahhh, but, I had some great tunes in my ears, cool weather in my face, a challenge in front of me, and I felt strong.  I was SO proud of this run.

Lisa never ran the next day.  22 miles is scary after my awesomeness.  I understand.  

2. Three words that describe my running
Painful, Freeing, Necessary

3. My Go-to running outfit is
Seksi spandex shorts, fitted tank, headband, perfect ponytail swoosh, Brooks Glycerin 10

4. Quirky habit while running
I text and run.  Not randomness.  But, sometimes I need encouragement to get my run on.  Especially when I'm not feeling it.  I take inspiration from wherever I can.  I'm lucky to have such a great group of running friends who will say encouraging things to keep me going.  Even better yet, they say inappropriate things to make me giggle.  I think that works even better.  ;)

5. Morning, midday, evening.
Yes, please.  Oh, right, running.  Evening.  No contest.  I am NOT a morning person.  I stay up WAY too late for that.  I like running in the dark anyway.  Ninja runner.

6. I won't run outside if it's

Pouring ran while trail running down a mountain?  Nope, I'll do that. 

Run in 22 inches of fresh snow.  In shorts?  Nope, I'll do that.

Run with tornado sirens going off?  Nope, done that.  Twice. 

Hot and humid?  We have a winner ladies and gentlemen.  I have.  While training for 2011 Chicago Marathon (failed attempt).  It was what I had to work with to get my training in.  However, humidity is my kryptonite.  It brings me down.  Hard.  I have exercise induced asthma and when humidity rolls in I literally cannot breath.  I overheat.  It's horrible.

7. Worst injury and how I got over it
Really?  Where do I start?  I'm not even sure what the worst one was.  Tibia stress fracture fall of 2011 was the beginning of the downfall with my leg.  Then a calf strain in late January. (the most painful of the injuries). Now foot pain.  (still not sure what it is).  Then I always have the UBHA (sciatic pain) that just won't go away.

I'm not over it.  God, when will I ever get over it?

8. I felt most like a badass runner when
Three weeks of partying and doing physical property work (painting, cleaning, yard work)  around the St. Maarten place. Two days before I leave I sign up for a 5k with my St. Maarten friend.  When I get to registration I find out it's a 10k.  Oh dear.  I was doing little 3 mile runs here and there throughout the trip.  But, I had not run more than that in a very long time.  

It was a hot sunny Caribbean day.  I thought I was going to die.  I jockeyed back and forth with a few women throughout the race.  MUCH younger women than me.  I was DYING by the end.  I had very little left in the tank at the finish.  But, 10k I did (ooozing Heineken out of my pores).  

One of the young women I had passed came up post race to tell me it was fun pushing each other.  Then she also asked me if I had seen my legs.  What?  What's happened to my legs?!?!?  She laughed.  "No, when you run the muscles in your legs are sick" Ha. Why.... thank you very much younger and cuter woman than me.  These legs just kicked your ass.  

To top it off I got first place in my division.  Mind you, this is NOT the Chicago Marathon.  But, I don't care.  I got bling and rewarded myself with some beachside warm French croissants and ice cold beer. 

9. My next race is
God, I wish I could tell you that.  I have no idea.  I'm not running.  My body is surely nowhere ready to even think about that.  However, I would really like to get to the Turkey Trot 5k this year on Thanksgiving morning.  I ran it two years ago with my then 9 year old niece.  I was injured last year and had to watch her and the rest of my family run without me.  I really want to run it with her again. More importantly she wants to run it with me. 

After that if I can stay/be healthy I would like to possibly do the Fucking Freezing Half Marathon in January. My ideal running conditions.

Do I even look past that?

10. Potential Running Goals for 2013 
Swimming (had to throw that in) To do an open water swim race. To not die doing so.

To run a marathon.  Hell, just get to the start would be nice.

To have someone cheer for ME.

To. Not. Be. Injured. Dammit.

Run happy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Have You Seen My Ghost?

I forget about days like today.  That I can have days like today.  I know they are out there.  But, I forget sometimes. 

Per usual, I stayed up way too late last night.  Woke up way too early this morning.  Chatted up some friends.  Fell back asleep.  Mid chat.  Woke up.  Had some giggles.  Enjoyed my day off.

The sun was shining.  Would have been a perfect day for an outdoor swim.  If only my pool was still open.  If only. 

Ah, but, I enjoyed the sun nonetheless. Then  I got an SOS call from someone needing me.  Just as I was walking out the door to pick up my bike from the bike shop.  For once, I didn't drop my life for someone else.  It was only my silly bike.  But, it's ME.  My life.  Dammit, I matter too.  

Today I felt strong.  Mind, body, and spirit strong.  This doesn't happen often.  My body has been broken so long.  That has affected my spirit.  But, today, today the stars aligned.  Yes, I hurt.  Yes, I'm still broken.  But, I saw parts of me that I forgot I had.  My smile.  My strength.  

I felt alive at Power Yoga.  I hadn't felt that in a very long time.  I used to rock those classes.  Hold the poses the longest.  Push myself the furthest.  Improve with every class.  For the last year these classes have been more a struggle with my injuries, with my fears of breaking.  Of hurting.  Trust me, many a class I was in severe pain.  But, I tried anyway.  Tonight I had my usual sciatic pain.  But, it didn't bother me.  My mind won out.  The rest of my body won out.  I won. 

I forget that sometimes I can be strong.  I've accepted for over a year that I'm weak.  That my body is weak.    It made me, oh, so happy to feel strong.  If only for one day.  Oh, but, wait, maybe not for only one day.  I can rock a four mile swim after all.  

Some days I wonder where my body went.  Other days I see the ghost of yesteryear.  


Thursday, September 6, 2012

What If.

What if.

What if things were different.  What if circumstances were different.  What if you didn't meet who you met when you did.  What if you met them earlier.  What if you met them later. What if you never met them. What if.

What if that didn't happen to you.  What if it didn't change your direction for many years to come.  What if you never changed the direction back.  What if  you let them in when they wanted in.  What  if you stopped fighting it. What if.

What if you didn't try.  What if you quit after you failed the first time.  The second time. What if you didn't succeed eventually.  What if you never succeed. What if.

What if you didn't break.  What if you didn't fix yourself. What if you didn't break again.  What if.

What if you weren't so tired.  So damn tired. What if.

As if.

"Every tear an ocean, that had the means to drown me, but instead taught me how to swim"