Thursday, September 6, 2012

What If.

What if.

What if things were different.  What if circumstances were different.  What if you didn't meet who you met when you did.  What if you met them earlier.  What if you met them later. What if you never met them. What if.

What if that didn't happen to you.  What if it didn't change your direction for many years to come.  What if you never changed the direction back.  What if  you let them in when they wanted in.  What  if you stopped fighting it. What if.

What if you didn't try.  What if you quit after you failed the first time.  The second time. What if you didn't succeed eventually.  What if you never succeed. What if.

What if you didn't break.  What if you didn't fix yourself. What if you didn't break again.  What if.

What if you weren't so tired.  So damn tired. What if.

As if.

"Every tear an ocean, that had the means to drown me, but instead taught me how to swim"


  1. Don't live in the what ifs...conquer the what IS. You are amazing...

    1. Thanks Chelle! I'm trying. I think.