Monday, September 26, 2011

Shop Local

My friend Mike asked the question on his blog, "Do you have a favorite local running store" Per usual I couldn't just answer, "yes". 

I most certainly shop at my local running store: Naperville Running Company Naperville Running Company It's a small store (newly moved 2 doors down and now all swanky and new). But, the service there is top notch. They were named 2009 Running Specialty Store of the Year  Well deserved too. Each time I have gone in for new running shoes it's at least an hour of time, if not more. They watch me walk, they select shoes, I try on shoes. I run around the track in the store. I try on more shoes. The salesperson talks to me. About running. My running. We talk about races. What races I've done and am doing. What races they are doing. Each time I feel like I have a new friend.

Seriously. They are great runners. I am not. Most are runners from the local Division III college - North Central College who have won friggin ridiculous amount National Cross Country Championships over the years. But, they still give me little ole me advice. They get me excited for running.

I try on more shoes. I complain that the women's shoes are not pretty in my size. I get on the treadmill . They videotape my running. I make fun of my form. I complain that I didn't wear a running bra, that I shouldn't have worn a skirt. I make them laugh. I run some more.

I pick out shoes. I buy new socks. I get some Honey Stingers. They check me out. They smile. They invite me to go running with them anytime. How about Thursday they ask. What? Me? Run with You? Um.... really?

I walk out with my new shoes, some new friends, and a smile on my face.

Yes, I shop at my local running shoe store. Absolutely.

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