Monday, September 26, 2011

Bra Burning

This whole ruling on women marathon world records becoming invalidated if the women run in a mixed race has got me steamed. IAAF gives women's marathoners the middle finger

I just don't get it.  So, the men can be paced by men and it's ok.  But, if the women are paced by men it's not ok.  Listen, I don't care if Paula Radcliffe is paced by flying monkeys.  As long they don't fly her through the race and over the finish line she's getting there with her own damn legs.  Her legs.  Her race.  Her time.  Her record.

Ugh, really?  We will go back to separate races for men and women?  Really?  We are going backwards are we?  Ah, progress.

I think I shall grab my girdle, walk five steps behind men, dragging our cattle.  To go do the laundry.  While pregnant.

God, I feel like taking off my bra and going for a long run.

Oh, wait, I can't run.  That's right.  Sucks for me.

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